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Mardi Gras parades in Slidell should pay their own way, krewes are told


Meeting with Slidell krewe captains on Tuesday, the city’s events committee proposed that krewes pay the city 25 percent of their parade costs in 2011, with their contribution increasing to 50 percent the second year and to 75 percent in three years.

“Everyone calls Mardi Gras the largest free party in the world but it’s not free,” Slidell City Councilman Bill Borchert said.

After krewe captains noted that many of their members have already paid dues for next year, the committee agreed not to have any new fees go into effect until the 2012 Carnival season.

“We’re getting to the point where we can’t afford it anymore,” Slidell Councilman Landon Cusimano said. “It’s this or nothing at all.”

Zulu coconut lawsuit thrown out on appeal


Yes, Mardi Gras parade goers still sue even though most locals and many tourists know that you cannot sue from being hit by a throw in New Orleans in almost all cases.

Daisy Johnson Palmer, a 74-year-old retired Orleans Parish public schoolteacher, wants the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club to pay for the bloody cut, and ensuing trauma, she says came from a coconut lobbed in her direction Feb. 28, 2006, as Zulu paraded down Canal Street.

Four years later, though, a Louisiana appeals court tossed out her case after finding that her claims of trauma from a hollowed-out Zulu coconut thrown underhanded into the French Quarter crowd didn’t merit a trial at Orleans Parish Civil District Court. Palmer’s attorney, Edwin Fleischmann, said he is awaiting the final decision from the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Zulu’s rules say that the throwing of coconuts is “positively forbidden,” as is tossing any throws to the rear of a float. In 2004, Vice president Naaman Stewart was one of Zulu’s most vocal advocates for the adoption of a lightweight coconut, hollowed-out, shaved coconuts purchased in bulk from a Vietnam supplier and shipped to New Orleans where members decorate & paint them.  An average store-bought coconut filled with milk & meat can weigh up to 1 1/2 lbs.

Iris & Tucks roll down St. Charles on beautiful Saturday


2010 Tucks Toilet Float & the Toilet Guy

2010 Tucks Super Bowl Float

Iris and Tucks rolled down beautiful St. Charles Avenue on a clear blue day. After all the cold and rain of the last few days, it really helps to finally have some great weather to enjoy Mardi Gras to it’s fullest. It was a good sized family oriented crowd.  Iris, the oldest parading women’s krewe in the New Orleans Mardi Gras, had at least 6 bands from Memphis, TN.  We caught some cool beads and throws at Tucks, they are a very irreverent krewe with a giant toilet bowl float they use every year.  They throw rolls of Tucks toilet paper, miniature plastic toilets that shoot a stream of water, and other crazy throws. They feature their own original marching groups, such as a big foam rubber Dragon group, and the Duck Brigade.  Iris is a very mainstream krewe, almost the last parading female krewe in New Orleans. Fortunately, Muses, a much bigger woman’s krewe has come to the fore the last decade to join Iris.

2010 Tucks foam rubber dragons

1941 New Orleans Mardi Gras in Color!!


1941 Mardi Gras Film in Color

Saints Super Bowl Party “SUPER”


Super Bowl Champs N.O. Saints Super Parade AP

The consensus is in! The finest parade in recent New Orleans history, according to many eyewitness accounts, was last nights parade for the New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl Champions 2010. Drew Brees stopped in Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar after the parade & taught his Pre Game Countdown Chant to the crowd, watch it here: Drew Brees at Lucy’s

Here are some quotes about the parade from my Facebook Friends-

Ivan Neville Been 2 many parades, & the Saints parade was mos definitely the best parade ever!! WHO DAT!!  There’s no place like Nola!!!

Jared Zeller Time of my life last night…Carney, Payton, Young, Hargrove, Porter, Bush, Thomas, Colston, Morestead, Hartley, Roby, etc. the list goes on and on…

Jerry Who Dat Moran Likewise Jared, off the hook!!!

Bernie Cyrus Parade & new friends were awesome. Dat’s Who!

Katie Walenter The Saints marched in and I was in that number. Best parade ever!!!

Dave Jordan Last night was probably the greatest New Orleans experience I have ever had.  Except for, maybe, last Sunday.

Jerry Who Dat Moran So the Lombardi Gras Parade was off the hook last night….caught it at the beginning by the Dome, over on Howard…but the coolest part of the night was when Sean Payton’s jumped off his float on Thcoup and Poydras and somehow I wound up in the street with him running around and Second lining with the Lombardi Trophy…It’s all a blur at this point(as I am sure pics are)…..proceeded to follow his float down convention center blvd to the brigde……started my… long walk home with a smile on my face that still can’t be wiped off…Yesterday was a beautiful day! WHO DAT!!!

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