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2017 New Orleans Mardi Gras Round Up!!


It was fabulous, darling, just fabulous. That’s how I would sum up the 2017 season. It was a warm Carnival , always preferable to a cold or wet one. When Fat Tuesday falls in late February, like it did this year, warm weather is practically expected. I’ve always loved Carnival since coming to New Orleans, it has always been my favorite holiday. I alway costume on Fat Tuesday in the colors of Carnival; purple, green, and gold. It’s a good look for me. Zulu always responds to a good costume; REX doesn’t if the costume mimics their look, which I do. I still do well at Rex, as I’m an enthusiastic parade goer and I’ve always reported positively and honestly about Rex on this blog, so karma is with me during their parade.

                      Inform Magazine Photo from Fat Tuesday


I’m in one of the earliest parades, KdV, Krewe du Vieux. It’s the parade most like parades from 100 years ago, which is why I take part. Participating in a parade remains one of the greatest experiences a New Orleanian can experience, and shouldn’t be missed. Every time a parade participant meets the eyes of a parade goer asking for a throw, a tiny piece of energy is transferred from parade watcher to parade participant. Over the course of an entire parade, the energy addition for the parade participant is slight but palpable. This boost lasts a day or two.

Handing out throws is the most elegant and fun micro moment repeated throughout the parade. The sheer joy of connecting with a parade goer is really big. Again, when, the parade is over, a parade participant feels the joy of mass giving on a repetitive level over a couple of hours. It’s a very happy effect.



Food wise, Carnival 2017 was a success. We finished up at Theo’s Pizza, who make a mean pie. It was delicious, and the wait wasn’t that long for Fat Tuesday. For the final 5 days of Carnival, I cooked macaroni and beef and made my wonderful sausage and chicken gumbo. That carried us through the main Carnival weekend with great style and elan. We ate our share of King Cakes and found Gracious King Cakes from the bakery to be stellar but when bought from Whole Foods, had aged considerably and the filling dried up.

Company was stellar. Over Carnival, alcohol flows freely, making parades in general more fun. I was with my girlfriend Sue and my good friend Billy and his friends. We drank every few days and good times ensued with or without booze. We all love the parades, with their bright lights, animals, freshness, music, spectacle, beauty and excitement.


                  NOMusicMan at KdV 2015


I followed my usual plan, catching Zulu and Rex before hitting the French Quarter. Zulu didn’t disappoint. I saw Mayor Landrieu on horseback with his official posse. He looked happy, riding his horse in unison with other dignitaries and NOPD. I caught them at Jackson and Dryades, a traditional spot for me. Bought a drink at a local bar right before the parade and over the next hour I caught 5 coconuts. It was wild and a lot of fun. Zulu looked fierce in the brilliant sunlight. I missed my friend but really had a good time at Zulu 2017.

 It was on to Rex around 9:30 by foot, and it takes about 20 minutes to walk to Harmony Street. The sights and sounds around me were intensifying as the day wore on. All the revelers on St. Charles, the crowds parked for Rex and the trucks to follow, it was a sight to behold. There really isn’t anything remotely similar to St. Charles Avenue on Mardi Gras Day. It’s a one of a kind event on a one of kind day.

The crowd around Zulu on Jackson, for Rex on St. Charles and Harmony, and walking toward home in Mid City was cordial and hospitable. New Orleanians celebrate Mardi Gras in their own ways. Some on the parade route, some in the street, some at home with friends and family. I passed many families in the neighborhood around Zulu and Rex BBQing


Saints Super Bowl Party “SUPER”


Super Bowl Champs N.O. Saints Super Parade AP

The consensus is in! The finest parade in recent New Orleans history, according to many eyewitness accounts, was last nights parade for the New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl Champions 2010. Drew Brees stopped in Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar after the parade & taught his Pre Game Countdown Chant to the crowd, watch it here: Drew Brees at Lucy’s

Here are some quotes about the parade from my Facebook Friends-

Ivan Neville Been 2 many parades, & the Saints parade was mos definitely the best parade ever!! WHO DAT!!  There’s no place like Nola!!!

Jared Zeller Time of my life last night…Carney, Payton, Young, Hargrove, Porter, Bush, Thomas, Colston, Morestead, Hartley, Roby, etc. the list goes on and on…

Jerry Who Dat Moran Likewise Jared, off the hook!!!

Bernie Cyrus Parade & new friends were awesome. Dat’s Who!

Katie Walenter The Saints marched in and I was in that number. Best parade ever!!!

Dave Jordan Last night was probably the greatest New Orleans experience I have ever had.  Except for, maybe, last Sunday.

Jerry Who Dat Moran So the Lombardi Gras Parade was off the hook last night….caught it at the beginning by the Dome, over on Howard…but the coolest part of the night was when Sean Payton’s jumped off his float on Thcoup and Poydras and somehow I wound up in the street with him running around and Second lining with the Lombardi Trophy…It’s all a blur at this point(as I am sure pics are)…..proceeded to follow his float down convention center blvd to the brigde……started my… long walk home with a smile on my face that still can’t be wiped off…Yesterday was a beautiful day! WHO DAT!!!

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