2010 Tucks Toilet Float & the Toilet Guy

2010 Tucks Super Bowl Float

Iris and Tucks rolled down beautiful St. Charles Avenue on a clear blue day. After all the cold and rain of the last few days, it really helps to finally have some great weather to enjoy Mardi Gras to it’s fullest. It was a good sized family oriented crowd.  Iris, the oldest parading women’s krewe in the New Orleans Mardi Gras, had at least 6 bands from Memphis, TN.  We caught some cool beads and throws at Tucks, they are a very irreverent krewe with a giant toilet bowl float they use every year.  They throw rolls of Tucks toilet paper, miniature plastic toilets that shoot a stream of water, and other crazy throws. They feature their own original marching groups, such as a big foam rubber Dragon group, and the Duck Brigade.  Iris is a very mainstream krewe, almost the last parading female krewe in New Orleans. Fortunately, Muses, a much bigger woman’s krewe has come to the fore the last decade to join Iris.

2010 Tucks foam rubber dragons