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I love the Marching Clubs, they pop up all over the City and march to their own drummers. One of the most beautiful in terms of fantastic homemade costumes that have to be seen to be believed is the Societe de Saint Anne in the Marigny Bywater area.

6:45am Jefferson City Buzzards Uptown

7am Lyons Carnival Club Uptown

7am Corner Carnival Club Uptown

7:45am Pete Fountain’s Half Fast Walking Club Uptown

7:45am Mondo Kayo Social and Marching Club Uptown

10am Societe de Saint Anne Marigny/Bywater

10:15am KOE (Krewe of Elvis) French Quarter

11:00am Completely Mistick Krewe of Chartreuse French Quarter

2011 New Orleans Metro Area Mardi Gras Parade Schedule


Thursday, Jan 6

6pm  Phunny Phorty Phellows – New Orleans’ only Streetcar parade!

6pm Joan of Arc Parade, French Quarter

Sunday, Feb 6

1pm Troy, Slidell

Sunday, Feb 13

1pm Slidellians, Slidell

Saturday, Feb 19

Noon Bilge, Slidell

7pm  Krewe du Vieux, French Quarter & Marigny

Sunday, Feb 20

11am Lil’ Rascals, Metairie

1 pm Perseus, Slidell

Friday, Feb 25

6 pm Krewe of Pericles, Ponchatoula

6:30pm Cleopatra, West Bank

6:30pm Oshun, Uptown

7pm Eve, Mandeville

7pm Atlas, Metairie

7pm Gladiators, St. Bernard

7:30pm Pygmalion, Uptown

Saturday, Feb 26

Noon Alladin, West Bank

Noon Ponchartrain, Uptown

5:30pm Olympia, Covington

6pm Sparta, Uptown

6pm Caesar, Metairie

7pm Pegasus, New Orleans

7pm Mona Lisa, Slidell

Sunday, February 27

Noon Carrollton, Uptown

Noon Alla, West Bank

1pm Dionysus, Slidell

1:15pm King Arthur, Uptown

2:30pm Rhea, Metairie

5:30pm Centurians, Metairie

6pm Jupiter, Baton Rouge

Tuesday, March 1

6pm Ancient Druids, Uptown

6:45pm Morpheus, Uptown

Wednesday, March 2

6pm Saturn, Uptown

6:45 pm Muses, Uptown

7pm Thor, Metairie

Thursday, March 3

5:45pm Babylon, Uptown

6:30pm Chaos, Uptown

7pm Excalibur, Metairie

Friday, March 4

6pm Hermes, Uptown

6:30pm Krewe d’Etat, Uptown

6:30pm Selene, Slidell

6:30pm Aquila, Metairie

7pm Orpheus, Mandeville

7pm Aphrodite, St. Bernard

7:30pm Knights of Jason, Metairie

Saturday, March 5

9am Bush, Bush

11:30am NOMTOC, West Bank

Noon Iris, Uptown

12:30pm Ulysses, West Bank

1pm Tucks, Uptown

2pm MCCA, Bogalusa

4:15pm Endymion, Mid City

6pm Isis, Metairie

Sunday, March 6

10am Tchefuncte, Mandeville

11am Okeanos, Uptown

11:30am Thoth, Uptown

Noon Poseidon, West Bank

Noon Mercury, Metairie

1pm Adonis, West Bank

2:30pm Mid City, Uptown

5:15pm Bacchus, Uptown

5:30pm Napoleon, Metairie

Monday, March 7

5:15pm Proteus, Uptown

5:45pm Orpheus, Uptown

6:30pm Zeus, Metairie


8:30am Zulu, Uptown

10am Rex, Uptown

10am Argus, Metairie

11am Elks Jefferson, Metairie  Truck Parade

After Elks Jefferson, Elks Krewe of Jeffersonians, Metairie  Truck Parade

11am Grela, West Bank

After Grela, Elks Gretna, West Bank  Truck Parade

11am Lions, Covington

11am Elks Orleans, Uptown Truck Parade

After Elks Crescent City, Uptown Truck Parade

Noon Chactow, West Bank

1pm Skunks, Lacombe

1pm Chahta, Lacombe

1:30pm Folsom, Folsom

Shangri-La Gives Up the Ghost!!


Krewe of Shangri-La Crest

Sad day indeed when the former mighty Queens of St. Bernard Mardi Gras, the Krewe of Shangri-La, ceases to exist as a parading Krewe!

My family had a real blast during Shangri-La’s heyday in St. Bernard, with over 1,000 Krewe members riding in a huge parade with  around 38 units.  I’m talking about the mid 1980s, when the Krewe was at their mightiest.  By 1982, Shangri-La was the largest woman’s organization in the history of Carnival in New Orleans.

In another Mardi Gras life, I would see around 40 parades per season.  I had my own crazy Mardi Gras  posse- My wife Meg, her daughter Sharon, Sharon’s friend Tara, Tara’s brothers Hank and Eddie and Eddie’s friend Bruce.   We’d go see the parades in New Orleans very early, then hit St. Bernard, or Metairie, which had more parades in the 80s. We’d go to Slidell, the West Bank, anywhere to catch a local parade. We’d catch some parades at the start, some in the middle, and some at the end.  Fun, fun, fun was had by all.

We used to watch Shangri-La twice, once on St Bernard Highway, and then on Judge Perez Drive.  You catch way more throws that way.

One year I took the Posse out to St. Bernard for the then fabulous Shangri-La. On the way out, the skies opened up and it began to rain cats and dogs. We persevered, as did the parade. It was warm that evening, we were young, and didn’t mind getting soaked to catch a few beads.

The parade crowd dissipated, and the route was almost devoid of any spectators.  The krewe noticed we were almost the only folks out watching, and they dumped throws on us to show their appreciation. That is my wettest Mardi Gras Parade story, and I’ll never forget how generous the krewe was that night. It was the most throws we ever caught, and just about the most fun our posse ever had at the parades.

Shangri-La started in 1973 and paraded in Chalmette until 2000, when they moved to uptown to St. Charles Avenue. The krewe started admitting men into their ranks at this time.

St. Bernard was especially hard hit during Hurricane Katrina 5 years ago, receiving almost 25 feet of water, the most in the Metro Area.  The population was slow to return, which severely impacted Shangri-La’s membership.  Many members returned for the parade from out of town.  2 years ago, the krewe adjusted to the diminished membership by successfully transforming the street parade into a French Quarter carriage parade.

In 2010, a 45 unit parade ushered in Mardi Gras on the eve of Super Bowl 44. This was a very exciting time in New Orleans, and their final French Quarter stroll was fun.

During a July meeting, the Shangri-La Board voted unanimously  to become a Social Club and continue their philanthropic plans.  After 37 years, the once fabulous Shangri-La Carnival Club ceases parading. They live on the web at Krewe of Shangri-La.

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