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Krewe de Vieux Photo Series


Yes Krewe de Vieux ran over a week ago, but since I’m in the Krewe, I get to photograph all the floats in the den right before we roll throughout the Marigny & French Quarter. There’s a good shot of Krewe de Vieux King Dr. John on his float with his Queen.

Krewe of Underwear 2010 Float

KdV 2010 Float

KdV 2010 Float

KdV 2010 Float

KdV 2010 Float- Nagin again!

KdV 2010 Float

KdV 2010 Float

KdV 2010 Float

King Dr. John on KdV Float with Queen

KdV 2010 Floats

KdV 2010 Floats, including Title Float

What Happened to Sparta??


Sparta Crest in Tiles at Mardi Gras Fountain

Saw Sparta last night on St. Charles Avenue. It was a cold and windy night, and I was counting on warming myself up at the Lighting of  the Flambeaux  that DIDN’T take place last night.

Flambeaux Lighting 2009 photo by neworleansmusicman

Where were the flambeaux? Where was the lighting?

What’s up with Sparta? Inquiring Mardi Gras Bloggers want to know….

After the first few traditional floats, such as the Captain’s Float, the floats were attractive  but they didn’t have the usual old time look and there were fewer bands. The whole parade passed in well under one hour, which is remarkably fast for any parade down St. Charles Avenue, even Sparta, which always hurtles down the Avenue.

Here’s a passage from the official web site for the Knights of Sparta

A spectacular signature float, a mule-drawn king’s float, traditional flambeaux, and mounted officers are just a few of the wonderful features of the Knights of Sparta street parade each year.

Photo by David Gladow

Alice in Wonderland Float, Knights of Sparta 2010

Saints & Fleur de Lis Bonfire Structures From St. James Parish


Saints Helmet Bonfire Structure from St. James Parish

Fleur de Lis Bonfire Structure from St. James Parish

Election Day, Parades, Super Bowl Eve


New Orleans is an old town, with a wild and varied history. New Orleans is old enough to have survived French & Spanish rule, the Battle of  New Orleans, Northern Occupation under the despot Butler, carpetbaggers, Jim Crow Hurricane Katrina, etc.  Now comes the Eve before the Super Bowl, the first time the franchise has ever reached the NFL Pinnacle Game.  Post Katrina, New Orleans has again remade itself via the Who Dat Nation, the wildest group of NFL fans in the history of the NFL bar none. Now it’s the whole nation, thanks to Good Morning America, CNN, and other national media picking up this Who Dat Story.  New Orleans is the birthplace of the Who Dat Nation, but America is making the Who Dat Saints their team. Here’s a picture from the Who Dat Super Bowl Kick Off Parade honoring the late Buddy Diliberto, who claimed when the Saints make the Super Bowl, he’ll put on a dress. Buddy didn’t make it, but 1,000’s of New Orleanians did it for Buddy!  Who Dat!! Who Dat!! Go Saints!! Happy Mardi Gras!!

Who Dat Super Bowl Kick Off Parade

Biggest Weekend Since….


This weekend features 3 major events: the Super Bowl featuring our own long suffering New Orleans Saints; the end of a horrible, terrible political era- the primary election to get rid of Mayor Ray Nagin; the beginning of the 10 big days of Carnival- Major parades commence mostly every day right through Mardi Gras Day, Tuesday, February 16.


Enough’s been written about New Orleans Saints first appearance in the Super Bowl. It’s been 43 years since the Saints were formed, and the Crescent City has suffered through decades of bad teams, starting with the original owner, John Mecum, Jr., who never understood the game of professional football very well.  Finally Tom Benson, who made his money in San Antonio, Texas selling cars, bought the team from Mecum.  A new era began, but the Saints still took a couple of decades to reach 2010, the year the Saints shook off shackles, real or imagined, and made it to the Big Game in Miami.

Mayor Ray Nagin has been the worst mayor in decades. He was the mayor of record when Hurricane Katrina hit on August 30, 2005. His actions over the last few years have retarded New Orleans recovery. Good riddance to Mayor Ray Nagin.  The election on Saturday will start the process of getting rid of this miserable politician.

Horrible NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin

Last but not least, it’s the first big weekend of Carnival 2010. Parades roll throughout the New Orleans Metro Area. Due to the Super Bowl, some parades have changed starting times, one has cancelled, and at least one has switched days.

Krewe of Bacchus' Bacchusaurus passes Gallier Hall

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