Sparta Crest in Tiles at Mardi Gras Fountain

Saw Sparta last night on St. Charles Avenue. It was a cold and windy night, and I was counting on warming myself up at the Lighting of  the Flambeaux  that DIDN’T take place last night.

Flambeaux Lighting 2009 photo by neworleansmusicman

Where were the flambeaux? Where was the lighting?

What’s up with Sparta? Inquiring Mardi Gras Bloggers want to know….

After the first few traditional floats, such as the Captain’s Float, the floats were attractive  but they didn’t have the usual old time look and there were fewer bands. The whole parade passed in well under one hour, which is remarkably fast for any parade down St. Charles Avenue, even Sparta, which always hurtles down the Avenue.

Here’s a passage from the official web site for the Knights of Sparta

A spectacular signature float, a mule-drawn king’s float, traditional flambeaux, and mounted officers are just a few of the wonderful features of the Knights of Sparta street parade each year.

Photo by David Gladow

Alice in Wonderland Float, Knights of Sparta 2010