New Orleans is an old town, with a wild and varied history. New Orleans is old enough to have survived French & Spanish rule, the Battle of  New Orleans, Northern Occupation under the despot Butler, carpetbaggers, Jim Crow Hurricane Katrina, etc.  Now comes the Eve before the Super Bowl, the first time the franchise has ever reached the NFL Pinnacle Game.  Post Katrina, New Orleans has again remade itself via the Who Dat Nation, the wildest group of NFL fans in the history of the NFL bar none. Now it’s the whole nation, thanks to Good Morning America, CNN, and other national media picking up this Who Dat Story.  New Orleans is the birthplace of the Who Dat Nation, but America is making the Who Dat Saints their team. Here’s a picture from the Who Dat Super Bowl Kick Off Parade honoring the late Buddy Diliberto, who claimed when the Saints make the Super Bowl, he’ll put on a dress. Buddy didn’t make it, but 1,000’s of New Orleanians did it for Buddy!  Who Dat!! Who Dat!! Go Saints!! Happy Mardi Gras!!

Who Dat Super Bowl Kick Off Parade