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Vieux Carre Hair Store!

Historic Vieux Carre Hair Shop

Historic Vieux Carre Hair Shop


I live on the far side of Carrollton, and not far from my house is this business.The Hair Store was started by Euginie Saussaye In 1877. Today the business is run by  4th and 5th generations. Saussaye began the business by making hair pieces by hand for the French Opera House. Saussaye taught his grandson, Herbert Saussaye, the hair goods business. Herbert became known as the most recognized name in the hair goods business in the region.

In the 1950, Herbert opened his own shop in the French Quarter at 805 Royal Street. The business continued to prosper as the hair goods market grew over time. Herbert’s children run the business today, and their children are active the company. The business has diversified, and includes a specialization in theatrical make up, for use in the entertainment industry. Today they also carry a wide variety of wigs, masks, costumes and costume props. In April of 2002, the Hair Store left their French Quarter neighborhood and moved to 8224 Maple Street.

The staff is very knowledgeable and the selection is second to none. You won’t believe some of the make up kits the store sells. James Rizzuto is known in Carnival circles as the Wig Master. A makeup artist for Vieux Carré Hair Shop, he spends Mardi Gras backstage at more than a dozen balls, preparing kings, captains, pages, clowns and everyone in between for their royal presentation.

Here’s a glowing Yelp review of the Hair Store-

It’s a small shop in what looks like the family home. It has a front section with a wide variety of masks, once you step inside the store, you’ll see all your costuming needs from wigs to masks to costumes to make up. I came here specifically for the make up so that’s what I’ll write about the most. 

I was helped by Lynn, one of three workers here, and she was absolutely amazing. She answered all my questions, trialled a few shades for me, and gave me a huge insight into the world of make up. I can’t thank her enough for her assistance with me today.

I ended up walking away with three Mehron foundation sticks, Mehron translucent setting powder, and a powder puff all for just over $40, a steal! I very much so recommend this place to anyone in the area who is after theatrical make up, wigs, masks, and costuming. You will not be disappointed!

Vieux Carre Hair Store Interior

Vieux Carre Hair Store Interior



Twelfth Night 2011


I  bought two King Cakes in the last 24 hours, both strawberry, one from Rouses and one from Winn Dixie this AM for the wife’s work. Both grocery chains make their own King Cakes by the thousands during the season. The small filled King Cake sells for $7.69-7.79 at the two stores. Unfilled small King Cakes retail for around $5.59 or so.

King Cake - YUM!!- photo-

King Cakes are HUGE in New Orleans. From January 6 until Mardi Gras Day, March 8, 2011- this is a very late date, almost the latest date possible. The weather should be warm for Fat Tuesday 2011. This allows for over 2 months from January 6 until March 8. All this time is King Cake  time!! NOLA King Cakes feature more sugar than most.

Historically, King Cakes have been around Europe for centuries before New Orleans was settled. We had plain King Cakes for a long long time in NOLA. Then McKenzie’s Bakeries started filling their King Cakes, and charged like $9.95 for a Medium filled one. This was back in late 1970s as I recall.

Pretty soon, filled King Cakes had created a whole new King Cake Economic Model, based on a more expensive King Cake. Then the Mail Order Model was created, and hundreds of thousands of King Cakes started being shipped worldwide.

Who makes the best filled and unfilled King Cakes in the NOLA metro area?  There are a lot of entrants, since the shipping/local markets have exploded over the last is a King Cakes of the World article I found while researching this post. The blog is entitled- A Malaysian in France. Here’s an European King Cake:

Northern France King Cake

2009 PPP

Tonight the Phunny Phorty Phellows take a decorated, historic St. Charles Streetcar down St. Charles Avenue from the Willow Street Car Barn onto Carrollton Avenue then down St. Charles to Lee Circle, where the Streetcar turns down Carondelet Street to Canal Street, turning on Canal to St. Charles  Avenue, all the way back to Carrollton Avenue and the Willow Street Car Barn. They are accompanied by New Orleans own Storyville Stompers.

I’m a huge fan of the PPP, as they have a creative solution to float building. They take an already build historic street car, and decorate that! I’ve caught them for years on St. Charles. Cannot wait to catch them tonight.  Happy Mardi Gras to the World! Go Saints! Who Dat Who Dat Who Dat!!!

Why all the Who Dats? Saints play their first playoff game defending their World Championship Win this Saturday against the Seattle Sea Hawks- Jan 8, 2011. Sat 1:30 PM, Seattle,WA Qwest Field

I’ve loved King Cakes for many years. Over the decades, I’ve preferred various types as they are developed.

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