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Slidell City Council Proposes Alcohol-Free Zone for Parade Routes


The Slidell City Council at its meeting tonight will propose creating a permanent alcohol and smoking free zone for Carnival parades.

Slidell City Council 2010-2014

Slidell City Council 2010-2014

If council members later vote to approve the legislation, the zone’s boundaries would be Gause Boulevard, 8th Street, Louisiana Avenue and 9th Street, in front of Bethany Lutheran Church. Anyone caught drinking or smoking there, except for authorized parade participants passing through, would be cited for a misdemeanor.

Councilmen Buddy Lloyd and Landon Cusimano, who respectively proposed and seconded the ordinance, said on Monday that the measure was designed to provide families a haven from rowdy behavior that breaks out along the city’s parade routes at times.

The council is set to vote on whether to adopt the legislation on Feb. 22.

If it passes, the only Carnival parades this year during which the zone would be in effect are the Krewe of Titans on Feb. 25, the Krewe of Dionysus on Feb. 27 and the Krewe of Selene on March 4. However, for future Carnivals, the zone would be in effect for all parades.

The zone would not affect Mona Lisa and Moon Pie, on Feb. 25 this year, and Krewe de Paws, on March 6, since those krewes parade on a different route through Olde Towne.

To get WDSU Parade Tracker updates on your cell phone, text “follow parades” to 40404


Check out They have gps units on the first and last floats of all the parades and text the info live via twitter to your phone.  You can always know where the parades are while they are running and you are running after them. To get complete details how to turn this service on and off, go to:

One reason people ride/walk in Mardi Gras parades


One of the most unusual aspects of participating in a Mardi Gras parade is the dynamics of the eye contact between parade goer and parade participator. As the pp goes by the pg, their eyes meet. The pg, for just the moment the float passes, wants a throw. They want something from you momentarily. Many people want something badly.  This passes a little bit of power from them to you. Through the course of the whole parade a lot of power accumulates in you from all this eye contact from people wanting something you have. To some degree, the bigger the crowd, the longer the feeling lasts, though it never lasts as long as as week in my experience.

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