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I’m hosted by, and they have an historic Mardi Gras site at, and have an old web cam in the French Quarter:

Web cam on Bourbon St. located at Tropical Isle!!

5:22 & Bacchus is nowhere in sight. WDSU’s Parade tracker is still messaging me about Thoth. Time flies when you have 5 parades in a row, including two very very large Super Krewes ending up the whole shebang! 5:36, Bacchus is rolling, according to WDSU-TV’s parade tracker service.

Endymion gave up its beloved Canal Boulevard route for the traditional  St. Charles Avenue. They will follow Bacchus for a very long day of parading, starting with Okeanos, Mid-City, & Thoth! Thoth runs a long route, and takes over 3 hours to run. If Bacchus starts roughly at 3 pm, Endymion can begin at Bacchus’ old time of 5 pm. Then the night wouldn’t run by very much, if things go smoothly, which they probably  won’t. Without being unduly pessimistic, the parading night with probably run into the wee wee hours of the night!!

This is the 2nd time since Katrina (2005) that Endymion has changed routes and it’s not very popular with the legions of Mid City Endymion fans that LOVE the 1 major parade that doesn’t go down St. Charles Avenue!  Plus, a ton of businesses count on the Endymion business boost their business through the roof temporarily.

Okeanos has begun, as has Mid-City. Thoth will follow, then Bacchus and Endymion. The longest parade day in recent history is underway!



Elijah Wood as Bacchus

Elijah Wood as Bacchus



Endymion is arguably the largest krewe in the whole New Orleans Mardi Gras, and to roll last after Okeanos, Mid-City, Thoth, then Bacchus before starting must have been quite a blow of weather reality to swallow. As it’s pouring at 1:30 pm a few hours before Endymion was supposed to roll, it looks like the move to skip a day was wise. Only tomorrow will tell, but from today’s downpour, it looks wise indeed.

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