Iraq Mardi Gras

Iraq Mardi Gras

Now in its fourth year, Operation Overseas Mardi Gras plans to send 1,500+ boxes filled with Carnival supplies to the troops in Afghanistan & Iraq. If you are interested in sending your own box, email mardigras at soldiersangels dot org for the address. Cherry Blackwell of Destrehan is running the program this year, covering for Tawny Tallo, who is in Basic Training.


1. Go to the Post Office and get the 12″Ă—12″ flat rate box that says APO and FPO. It is free.

2. Pick up Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note (2976-A). List everything in your box on the form in detail.

3. Fill the box with Mardi Gras themed items (no pork products, liquids or obscenity); throws (not jumbled together);costumes, LA inspired food products, costumes, Mardi Gras decorations, and cards made by kids.

4. Place a nice note in the box with your return address on it.

5. Write Soldiers’ Angels Operation Overseas Mardi Gras on the side of the box.

6. E-mail us at MardiGras at soldiersangels dot org and you will be given the address to mail the items.

7. Head to the post office with customs form filled out and box of Mardi Gras cheer. Cost $12.50 to
mail and you must be present to mail it.