Here comes NOLAier Than Thou, the Krewe of Chewbaccus own shoebox parade at 7 pm on May 4 2016 in the Bywater/Marigny, the stomping grounds of New Orleans only annual shoebox parade, ‘tit Rex. Generally speaking, copying the schickt of another Mardi Gras parading krewe in your own parade, in their own backyard, is verboten. It’s seriously messing with the juju of a parade, their raison d’etre.


Chewbacchus 2014 7

 Chewbacchus 2014 


No one else throws decorated coconuts, purses, or shoes during the entire New Orleans Mardi Gras parading season besides the originating krewes. That’s the worst thing a krewe can do to another, so it’s throw down time.

Why is the miniaturized parade scheduled for May 4? It’s an obvious Star Wars pun, may the fourth be with you. Chewbaccus refers to their parade as Shoeboxus, another pun on their idol, Chewbacca, a major hero from the Star Wars saga.

You have to hand it to Chewbacchus, they are hitting back hard the only way they know how, parade-style.

For decades, New Orleans school children have made shoebox floats for miniature parades.

Chewbacchus Captain Ryan Ballard admits that the idea for Chewbacchus’ shoebox parade hatched during a social media feud with ‘tit Rex. Their route has shifted. It now begins and ends at the Faubourg Marigny location of Dat Dog sausage restaurant, and Chewbacchus’ brand new Temple of the Sacred Wookie in the upstairs dining area.

Dat Dog as graciously agreed to donate a portion of sales during the Chewbacchus parade to the STOMP troopers, a program that assists children afflicted with autism to march in their Mardi Gras parade annually. This is an excellent benefit combined with a parade. What could be better than that in the City That Care Forgot, New Orleans?


Tit Rex Float

                                                           ‘Tit Rex Float