Kudos for the new GPS system which allows the parade participator to receive text updates via Twitter from GPS units in the front and rear of New Orleans parades. Last night, for example, the updates came for Babylon, Chaos, and Muses. It’s very convenient to receive up to the minute parade location information while the parades are rolling.
Some key information is omitted. For example, last night during Chaos,there was a break of 50 minutes. No more updates for Chaos and the parade behind, Muses. Why did the break occur? As WDSU receives information on the breakdown, they could easily pass this on via Twitter. Virtually everyone who attends a parade wants to know why any long breakdown occurs. There’s always a reason- broken float, accident, a rider falls off the float, etc.
Also, once a parade is rolling , the Twitters pile up on a three parade night and clog your inbox quickly.
All things considered, the WDSU Parade Tracker is a success.