Ghostly Bacchusaurus 2010

Big surprise at the Bacchus Brunch this morning, prior to the Big Bacchus parade down St. Charles this evening. This information came to me tonight on the parade route from some out of town Louisiana  folks who came down as guests of their relative, a member of Bacchus. It is standard Bacchus policy for the Bacchus Celebrity King to take part in the Bacchus Brunch, to greet and meet the krewe and its guests. Guess who was a no show today?  Super Bowl MVP and New Orleans Saints Star Quarterback, Drew Brees!  Was Drew ill? Was Drew drawn out of town by some problem or emergency?

Nope, it was the same folks who created that bull crap Who Dat and Fleur de Lis controversy that occurred prior to the Super Bowl, the National Football League’s Licensing Cops. The same NFL that backed down when the ferocity of  the Who Dat Nation’s response was felt via  a zillion phone calls, emails and faxes to the NFL office responsible.

It seems that Quarterback Brees was signing too many Saints jerseys and jackets, other pricy memorabilia at Bacchus events, and the NFL refused to let him appear at the Brunch, afraid that their newest Super Bowl MVP was cheapening his brand, giving away his John Hancock instead of selling it.

So just one week after the TV’s highest rated event ever, Super Bowl 44, starring the Super Bowl MVP, New Orleans Star Quarterback Drew Brees was slapped down by the NFL. When will the NFL ever learn their lessons?

2010 Bacchus Super Float