How exciting! Krewe du Vieux time, almost. I’m a longtime escort for the Krewe of Underwear, one of the many sub-krewes that make up KdV. Marching in a parade is one of the most fun, most unique experiences a New Orleanian can experience.

As an escort, I have four main duties. 1. Stay relatively sober. 2. Make sure no one or no group joins the parade during the parade. 3. Make sure the float is moving down the parade route at an even keel. 4. If some incident occurs, blow the whistle to attract quick help. An incident can be a float problem, or someone gets injured by the float, etc.


I’m not the big drinker a lot of other krewe members are. I like to drink now and again, but I generally don’t have an urge to overdo it. There are three drinking opportunities during parade day. There’s the pre-party before the parade, there’s the 2.5 mile parade itself, and there’s the ball after the parade.

I usually drink for the third event, the ball. If I start drinking hours earlier, I won’t be in very good shape by the time the ball comes around. The krewe of Underwear is responsible for feeding and providing drink for the escorts. That doesn’t always work out that well. I generally bring my own food and drink into the ball. That way I am assured of eating and drinking well.


KdV is the only krewe in all of the New Orleans Mardi Gras that is allowed to roll in the Marigny and French Quarter. That’s because the krewe is a marching krewe, and the floats, pulled by mules, are far smaller than floats that carry riders. It’s real treat to march through these historic parts of town at night during the parade.

The musical acts provided for the ball is top tier New Orleans, like the Radiators, Walter Washington and the Roadmasters, John Cleary, etc. The crowd is incredible- the entire KdV and guests, dressed in awesome costumes. It’s a sight to behold.