Due to a bunch of rain outs on Saturday, an incredible six parades, including super krewe Bacchus at 5:15 pm, will march down majestic St. Charles Avenue on Sunday.

Bacchagator Super Float Passes Historic Gallier Hall

Bacchagator Super Float Passes Historic Gallier Hall

Here’s the new schedule-

9 am- NOMTOC is rescheduled

Followed by rescheduled Iris

11 am- Okeanos

11:45 am- Mid City

Noon- Thoth

5:15- Bacchus

Ever since Comus stopped parading a long time ago, the Sunday before Fat Tuesday has been the longest parading day, with Okeanos, Mid City, Thoth and Bacchus. That day began with Okeanos at 11 am and ended with Bacchus’ last float around 7 or 8 pm, if you are watching from the beginning.

Bacchus is the original super krewe, outsized in all respects. Endymion had very few bands tonight, because of the wet conditions. Bacchus should have all their bands tomorrow.

Now, on this particular Sunday, Feb 19, we have the longest parade day with the most parades ever on a single day!