Quite possibly, as they are going after the smallest parade in all of Carnival, the ‘Tit Rex parade!! This cool little parade is composed of shoe box sized floats, and they throw miniature doubloons, beads, etc. As to their name, ‘tit is short for the french word for small, ‘petit’.

Now ‘tit Rex wasn’t as well known as the King of Carnival, but now that the Times-Picayune newspaper has thrown a big picture of the diminutive krewe on the front page of today’s paper, along with a nice story covering these developments, ‘tit Rex’s popularity has soared.

'Tit Rex parade float

‘Tit Rex parade float

King of Carnival's King float on St. Charles Avenue

Rex King float

Rex has asked them to stop using their name, as the King of Carnival, in all their wisdom, think the name ‘tit REX will confuse the public. Rex attorney Andrew Rinker Jr said that allowing ‘tit Rex to keep their name would embolden other groups to follow suit, diminishing the uniqueness of the name. ‘Tit Rex doesn’t have an attorney at this point, but if Rex files suit, they will surely obtain one.

Rex was formed in 1872, and ‘tit Rex has staged 3 parades to date, so they began around 2008. ‘Tit Rex was inspired by the miniature floats children create during Mardi Gras.  Rex is considered by many the high point of Fat Tuesday.

Based on these facts, I think Rex is making a mountain out of mole hill. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would confuse a few shoe box sized floats in the Bywater neighborhood with the mighty King of Carnival, which heads down world famous St. Charles Avenue on Fat Tuesday morning at 10:00 am sharp.

This kind of  baloney can only happen in the Crescent City!